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Slumping Molds and Forms
For Glass

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Select Bullseye Glass / Creative Ceramics Molds On Sale Now
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 round slumping mold glass-fuse-slump-molds bullseye mold 81631
Round Ripple, Fluted, Shell Drop Through Molds

glass fusing and slumping metal forms and molds   Square Slumping Dishes Special Slumping Shapes
Metal Forms Square Dishes Special Shapes

glass-fusing-slumping-mold glass-fusing-slumping-dams Make your own molds with Fiber material
Make your own molds

Using this Fiber Material
Metal Wave Molds Dams and Supports Fiber Mold

Colour De Verre black white Example IMD Molds Example
Fusible Casting Molds
By Colour De Verre!
Fusible Casting
and Slumping Molds

Square plate created by slumping a flat fused piece over a square slumping dish in a kiln

Check out our great selection and variety of molds for slumping in a kiln! All different sizes, square, round, and irregular shapes for your glass art projects. Make a beautiful round or square platter for a gift or a special dish for yourself! Check out the fun drop out molds. We have molds of dishes and bowls of various depths and shapes, including rippled edged and fluted dishes. We also have barrette molds, ashtray molds, soap dish molds, and candle molds. And we have special shaped molds including the shell bowl, lettuce leaf bowl, night-light mold, lamp shade mold, and more!

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