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Borosilicate Colored Rod - COE 33

Momka's Colored Glass Rod

Momka's glass is compatible with Pyrex, Kimble, Northstar, Alchemy, Sunsilica, Simax, and Duran (brands of glass). Rods are usually 5 to 9 mm in diameter and lengths vary usually between 16 to 20 inches.

About Momka:

Momka Peeva, a founding member of Glass Alchemy, consulted with Northstar on their bright colors, and was also a founding member of Pacific Borosilicate, now has her own factory producing all of her standard colors with new and improved formulas as well as a palette of new creative colors and designs. Momka Peeva has been creating glass for over 37 years. After graduating in glass chemistry from The Chemistry and Technology University in Sofla, Bulgaria Momka was a research engineer, a glass technology manager, and Director of The Glass Technology Institute in Bulgaria. She wrote the leading glass text book in Bulgaria which is used in the technical school she graduated from. Before coming to America, Momka Peeva was a glass technology consultant for a number of European glass companies. The new factory is producing borosilicate transparent and opaque colors in the blue, red, yellow, purple, orange, green, brown ranges plus black. New on the horizon will be opaque and opal white, metallic luster, deep rich purple, and more multi colored rods plus a few outrageous ideas the company has yet to work out the color formulas for. Some time next year Momka hopes to be branching into the soft glass world. But, first she would like to complete the spectrum of borosilicate colors. All colors are tested by independent glass artists.

Order a little as only 1 Glass Rod!!!
ITEM #    Color  Description
MB-011 Momka Glass Rod Color Cobalt Blue Item #MB011 Cobalt Blue Cobalt Blue is one of the easiest colors to work in the flame with. Works great for all applications.
MB-012 Momka Glass Rod Color Blue Lightning Item #MB012 Blue Lightning A cobalt based color that strikes to opal with greens, blues, whites and purples.
MB-013 Momka Glass Color Rainbow Blue Item #MB013 Rainbow Blue Nice dark blue glass with violet overtones and a light reduction.
MB-014 Momka Glass Rod Color Blue Reflection Item #MB014 Blue Reflection Striking color with light green, blue and purple.
MB-015 Momka Glass Rod Color Silky Satin Blue Item #MB015 Silky Satin Blue A very stable deep rich blue with a touch of green that works easily in all flames. When encased it has a light silky sheen.
MB-016 Momka Glass Rod Color Lustrous Blue Item #MB016 Lustrous Blue A very stable deep rich blue with a touch of green, easy to work with, with a great sparkle and an opalized pearl when encased.
MB-017 Momka Glass Rod Color Crystal Blue Item #MB017 Crystal Blue This is a very nice transparent blue. Very smooth. Use an oxidizing flame. Will get red wisps if reduced.
MB-021 Momka Glass Rod Color Sunshine Yellow Item #MB021 Sunshine Yellow A beautiful opal that works great for all applications but must be heated carefully to prevent boiling.
MB-022 Momka Glass Rod Color Exotic Citrus Item #MB022 Exotic Citrus Nice lemon color. Blows out nice and easy. Lovely yellow with some amber colors coming through.
MB-023 Momka Glass Rod Color Exotic Citrus Grapefruit Item #MB023 Exotic Citrus Grapefruit This is the most red of the Exotic Citrus family. "Strikes easy, with lovely pinks, reds and creamy greens.
MB-031 Momka Glass Rod Color Sunset Orange Item #MB031 Sunset Orange An opaque orange that works great for all applications.
MB-032 Momka Glass Rod Color Pumpkin Item #MB032 Pumpkin A strong orange with just a hint of green that works great for all applications. Slightly darker than Sunset Orange.
MB-042 Momka Glass Rod Color Guacamole Item #MB042 Guacamole A nice saturated opaque green. Use a gentle neutral flame. Less yellow than Martini olive.
MB-043 Momka Glass Rod Color Sea Green Item #MB043 Sea Green Light to medium transparent color that will not reduce.
MB-044 Momka Glass Rod Color Green Pearl Item #MB044 Green Pearl A mossy color that is easy to work with and has great sparkle and a silky sheen.
MB-045 Momka Glass Rod Color Martini Olive Item #MB045 Martini Olive It is the lighter of our two opaque green family. Care must be taken to prevent boilling. Use neutral flame.
MB-046 Momka Glass Rod Color Green Envy Item #MB046 Green Envy A transparent cedar green develops faint wispy blue vales under strong oxidizing flame. Neutral flame: exposed surface turns opaque, interior surfaces develop from tans to blues. Reduction: gives an opaque tan to surfaces. Clear encased develops a beautiful reflective blue color.
MB-047 Momka Glass Rod Color Ivy Green Item #MB047 Ivy Green This is a beautiful rich opaque green. A true green, and very friendly.
MB-048 Momka Glass Rod Color Silver Pine Item #MB048 Silver Pine This is a nice green with silver in it. Opaque. You can achieve some lovely blue and green transparent lusters.
MB-049 Momka Glass Rod Color Green Dragon Item #MB049 Green Dragon .
MB-051 Momka Glass Rod Color Plum Harvest Item #MB051 Plum Harvest Dark transparent violet that works like butter.
MB-052 Momka Glass Rod Color Silver Iris Item #MB052 Silver Iris Has a beautiful transparent purple that is not affected by strong oxidizing / reduction flame. Get lovely blue/purple haze with annealing, and nice blue wisps.
MB-053 Momka Glass Rod Color Violet Iris Item #MB053 Violet Iris Has a lot less silver than Silver Iris, but you can still get slight silver wisps. Great for thick applications.
MB-061 Momka Glass Rod Color Black Rose Item #MB061 Black Rose An intense black with a dark rose violet undertone.
Use neutral flame to the best effect.
MB-062 Momka Glass Rod Color Obsidian Item #MB062 Obsidian A strong dark cobalt blue that does not thin out.
MB-063 Momka Glass Rod Color Alaska Night Item #MB063 Alaska Night Blue-black striking color that changes into black, blue, gray, dark purple and bright blue. It is wonderful for all applications. A fun color to work with that can develop a silver reflection with a metallic sheen.
MB-071 Momka Glass Rod Color Silver Beach Item #MB071 Silver Beach A fast striking purple that is great for all applications. Oxidizing neutral flames will give you dark purples, amber, yellows and blues.
MB-072 Momka Glass Rod Color Light Purple Haze Item #MB072 Light Purple Haze Nice light transparent yellow with a purple haze which can develop a light white and yellow mix. A reducing flame will give the surface a metallic sheen.
MB-073 Momka Glass Rod Color Silver Tears Item #MB073 Silver Tears Encased under oxidizing flame leads to transparent golden amber vials with faint bluish reflective qualities and you can get a mirroring iridescence on the surface. Inside-outs can give anything from an amber to steel gray. Under neutral flame surface colors can go a little darker.
MB-074 Momka Glass Rod Color Almond Nugget Item #MB074 Almond Nugget A light almond colored glass that when encased
and using an oxidizing flame has inside vials of ambers to wispy blues but becomes more opaque with a reducing flame. Un-encased colors show a lighter amber. Pulls thin. Stays creamy. Nice for deep encasements.
MB-075 Momka Glass Rod Color Magic Mirror Item #MB075 Momka Glass Rod Color Magic Mirror Item #MB075 Magic Mirror Blown out, it tends to have a nice amber honey color. Outside work, with an oxidizing flame, gives a slight mirroring and iridescent sheen. Inside vials have a reflective quality to them. With a reducing flame the outside surface turns dark and more opaque.
MB-076   Momka Glass Rod Color Purple Thunder Item #MB076 Purple Thunder This is a wonderful striking purple. Lovely purples with an oxidizing flame. Blues and whites with a reduction flame.
MB-091   Momka Glass Rod Color Charles Brown Item #MB091 Charles Brown Dark translucent brown. Very smooth.
MB-101 Momka Glass Rod Color Cinnabar Item #MB101 Cinnabar A striking color that is a dark shade of ruby. It develops it's permanent color while working and will not over strike.
MB-102 Momka Glass Rod Color Carmen Red Item #MB102 Carmen Red This is a brilliant rich red that works easy, and is stable. However, it can loose intensity if it is over heated. "Carmen Red needs to be worked with an oxidizing flame. It works well in all applications and is very good for inside -out work."
MB-103 Momka Glass Rod Color Cherry Brandy Item #MB103 Cherry Brandy An earthy red opaque color. Also a striking color.
MB-104 Momka Glass Rod Color American Beauty Item #MB104 American Beauty Beautiful striking red. Works well in deep encasements. Nice for surface work. Fast self striking. Unencased, it can give you some blue/purple sheens. Can be classified as a transparent red, but you can get deep reds.
MB-111 Momka Glass Rod Color Autumn Leaves Item #MB111 Autumn Leaves Opaque red, orange, yellow and green combined into one glass rod. The glass works great in all applications. This color makes a fast and beautiful cane when twisted.
MB-112 Momka Glass Rod Color Moonlight Sonata Item #MB112 Moonlight Sonata Wonderful hues of blues, reds, whites and greens with a wispy pearly stripe. The glass works great in all applications. This color makes a fast and beautiful cane when twisted.
MB-113 Momka Glass Rod Color Rhapsody in Blue Item #MB113 Rhapsody In Blue A symphony of cool hues: the moody blues, emeralds and teals that dance and swirl through the rod. The glass works great inside and out, encased and un-encased. And makes a beautiful cane when twisted.
MB-114 Momka Glass Rod Color Autumn Swirl Item #MB114 Autumn Swirl Red and green combined into one rod for a late Autumn look. The glass works great inside and out. And makes a beautiful cane when twisted.
MB-115 Momka Glass Rod Color Caribbean Coral Item #MB115 Caribbean Coral This is a redish color, with a wonderful array varying from salmon, corals, lavenders, purples, blues and even soft browns. Bolder colors can be achieved with flame striking.
MB-116 Momka Glass Rod Color Infinity Item #MB116Momka Glass Rod Color Infinity Item #MB116Momka Glass Rod Color Infinity Item #MB116 Infinity This glass has eight distinct bands of
color separated by clear. Mutable blues and greens, as well as striking reds and silver colors." Makes a beautiful and distinct swirl when twisted. Very friendly."
MB-117 Momka Glass Rod Color Infinity 2 Coral Snake Item #MB117Momka Glass Rod Color Infinity 2 Coral Snake Item #MB117Momka Glass Rod Color Infinity 2 Coral Snake Item #MB117 Infinity 2
Coral Snake
This color has the same technology as the infinity but with different colors. This one we playfully call coral snake. It's a Yellow/Dk. Blue/reddish combination.
MB-118 Momka Glass Rod Color Gypsy Queen Item #MB118
Momka Glass Rod Color Gypsy Queen Item #MB118
Gypsy Queen .
MB-131 Marlee This is a classic. Red, Gold and Green, all separated by Obsidian. Sure to be everyone's new favorite color.
MB-132 Momka Glass Rod Color Amethyst Ice Item #MB132 Amethyst Ice
MB-133 Momka Glass Rod Color Halloween Item #MB133  Halloween Just in time for the holidays! This rod has 2 stripes of orange, 2 stripes of black, with thin dividers of a creamy white color.
MB-134 Momka Glass Rod Color Christmas Item #MB134  Christmas Just in time for the holidays! This rod has 2 stripes of red, 2 stripes of green, with thin dividers of a creamy white color.
MB-135 Momka Glass Rod Color Silver Dance Item #MB135  Silver Dance This rod consists of 4 stripes of different colors all containing silver. The effects change depending on the application. With the inside-out method you can achieve blacks and greens as well as some purple and reds. This is a multicolored stick so you can make instant latticino.
MB-136 Momka Glass Rod Color Matador Item #MB136  Matador This rod is very similar to the Halloween Momka color. Only this one has 2 stripes of red and 2 stripes of a darker black, with thin dividers of a creamy white color.
MB-141 Silver Aqua Bands of a beautiful, high silver color, with a blue tint. It's trapped in clear to protect the metals. An infinite array of colors are possible with this color, from blue greens to purple!

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