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How to use Kiln Wash

also called separator or shelf primer


Applying to a new shelf or mold.

  1. Use instructions below, except:
  2. Apply 5 coats on a new shelf or mold.

Applying to a previously coated shelf or mold.

  1. Mix 1 part powder with 5 parts of water.
  2. Remove old primer with non-loading sand paper (Item #FF). It does not have to be removed completely.
  • Exception: If you have not fired over 1400º you can cheat and reuse shelves and molds several times without reapplying primer, provided the primer has not been scratched, chipped or is not flaking. But, to be safe, I advise putting a fresh coating every time you are doing a special firing that has taken you a long time to assemble, or where you have spent a lot of money on glass.
  1. Apply 4 coats on a new shelf or mold. We recommend using a Haik Brush. The small hairs that fall off the bruch and stick to the shelf do not seem to affect a firing.
  2. Stir while you dip brush into your powder/water mixture. Make two brush strokes across the shelf, applying as evenly as possible, overlapping slightly. Re-dip brush and stroke twice again in the next area. Repeat until the whole surface is covered. This is your first coat. Now coat the surface again but at 90º, cross hatching the first coat. You do not have to let the surface dry between coats. Apply a total of 4 coats. After your final coat, dry completely in the hot sun or in the kiln at 500º F for 20 minutes. If the coating cracks an peals while drying in the kiln, it means the shelf was heated to fast. Clean and re-apply again and slow down the next time.
  3. The trick is to get the coating as smooth as possible. Applying these thin coating gives you a smoother surface. If the water evaporates from your mix, the mix becomes thicker and you will get some streaking on the shelf which will show on your finished fused pieces. You can create an effect using this technique, by making the mix even thicker and swirling the muddy mixture in a pattern which will show up on the back of the glass.

Tips On Shelf Preparation

Clean your shelf well before applying new shelf primer. Allow newly stirred liquid shelf primer to settle for a few moments before applying to the shelf. This allows the larger particles to sink to the bottom of the container. Avoid this "bottom sludge" when dipping your brush into the shelf primer. These thicker, undissolved particles more often stick to the glass on firing.

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