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Kiln Shelves
for glass fusing

Important Note: If you fire with the smallest size
shelf for your project you will have less mass to
heat up, saving you energy. It will also cause your
kiln to heat more rapidly, if desired. Most important,
the more space you have between the shelf and
sides of your kiln, the less risk of thermal shocking your glass. Remember to lift your shelf off the kiln
floor with posts, listed below, for more even heating. You might consider purchasing a variety of shelves. You must coat kiln shelves with separator before
firing so glass does not stick.

Shelves are Magnesium Alumina Silicate
with 50% Alumina
Cordierite and Mullite
This great material has a very low thermal expansion
which helps limit shelf cracking. Remember even kin shelves can crack like glass due to thermo shocking.

Kiln Shelves
Item # Shape Size Thickness Price
KS5 Square 5" x 5" 1/4"

KS6 Square 6" x 6" 3/8"

kiln shelf for glass fusing
Item #KS7
See more about this shelf !
Square 7" x 7" 1/2"

KS8 Square 8" x 8" 1/2"

KS910 Square 9" x 10" 1/4"

KS10 Square 10" x 10" 3/8"

KS12 Square 12" x 12" 3/8"

KS14 Square 14" x 14" 3/8"

KS15 Square 15" x 15" 3/8"

KS16* Square 16" x 16"

KS20** Square 20" x 20"

KS13R Round 13"
Temporary Out Of Stock

KS15R Round 15"

KS16R* Round 16"

KS19R* Round 19"

KS16OCT* Octagon
(Eight side)
15" x 16"

Temp out of stock

KS20DEC** Decagon
(Ten side)
21" x 22"

* These sizes might be packed by themselves in their own boxes to limit shipping breakage.
** This size must be shipped by truck to limit shipping damage.

Kiln PostKiln Posts
 It is important to lift your kiln shelf off the floor of your kiln to allow heat to get under the shelf.
This allows the shelf and your glass to heat more uniform, preventing the glass
from breaking due to thermal shock and will allow you to heat the
kiln at a faster rate. Lay 3 or 4 kiln posts under your shelf to
raise it 1 to 1-1/2". It is OK to stack more than one shelf in
your kiln if you have elements on the sides of your kiln (as opposed to only in the lid).
Heat from the side element will
travel between the shelf layers. Although you still might experience some uneven heating.

Style may vary - may be square or triangle

Item #  Shape  Thickness Length Price
4809 Square 1½" 1"

48092 Square 1½" 2"

48093 Square 1½" 3"

Temporary Out Of Stock

48094 Square 1½" 4"

4810 Square 1½" 6"

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