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Glass Fusing Kilns

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Crucible Kilns For Off Hand Glassblowing

Crucible Kiln
Fusing Kilns for Slumping and Fusing

CS-14 Kiln
Annealing Kilns for Glassblowers, Lamp Workers, and Bead makers

Special Pliers, Squashers, and Tweezers  for all flameworkers and lampworkers.

Model Image Details, Specifications, Pricing  Inside Floor Size  Inside Height Price
MagicFuse MagicFuse Kiln by Paragon Microwave Kiln!
4-½" 1-½" $128
Caldera HG8D: glass kiln, digital controller, 115 volts, 120 volts, 240 volts Details
A few Styles Available
8" x 8" 6-½" $432
Firefly Firefly by Paragon Details
also available with Digital Controller
8" x 8" 4-½" $392
CS-14D Fusion6 by Paragon Details
Clamshell Lid
14" X 14" 6-½" $876
CS-14S Fusion6 by Paragon Details
Clamshell Lid
14" X 14" 6-½" $860
CS-16D Fusion6 by Paragon Details
Clamshell Lid
16" X 16" 6-½" $980
CS-16S Fusion6 by Paragon Details
Clamshell Lid
16" X 16" 6-½" $964
CS-19D Fusion6 by Paragon Details
Clamshell Lid
19" X 19" 6-½" $1,300
CS-19S Fusion6 by Paragon Details
Clamshell Lid
19" X 19" 6-½" $1,276
F6 Fusion6 by Paragon Details 11" 6-½" $693
F7 Fusion7 by Paragon Details 14½" 6-½" $712
F8 Fusion8 by Paragon Details 17½" 11" $972
F10 Fusing Kiln Fusion10 by Paragon Details 22½" 11" $1332
F14 glass fusing and lampworking kiln f14 Details 14" 6-½" $816
F16 glass fusing and lampworking kiln f16 Details 16" 6-½" $916
GF6B Fusing Kiln GF6B by Paragon Details 11" 6-½" $432
GF7B Fusing Kiln GF7B by Paragon Details 14.37" 6-½" $555
GF85B GF17: 17" octagon glass kiln, 6.5" inside height, fits 16" round kiln shelf, 120 volts, 17 amps, Details 17" Octagon 6½" $556
 GF10BD Paragon Glass Fusing Kiln GF10BD Details 23½" Octagon 9" $1304
Janus 23 Paragon Glass Fusing Kiln GL24ADTSD Details 22½" Octagon 20¼" $2,248
GL24ADTSD Paragon Glass Fusing Kiln GL24ADTSD Details 24" x 22½" 15" $2600
Janus 24 Paragon Glass Fusing Kiln GL24ADTSD Details 24" x 22½" 15" $2712
F200 Paragon Glass Fusing Kiln F200 Details 25" x 15" 8" $1640
Janus Ovation Oval Kiln Janus Ovation Oval Kiln Details 41½" X 22½" 22½" $3,424
Pearl 18 Pearl 44 Kiln Details 18" X 18" 8½" $1560
Pearl 22 Pearl 44 Kiln Details 22" X 22" 13" $2,144
Pearl 44 Pearl 44 Kiln Details 44" X 22" 13" $5,560
Pearl 56 Pearl 44 Kiln Details 44" X 22" 13" $10,000
GL44AD* GL44AD Kiln Details 44" X 22" 16" $5,672
GL44ADTSD* GL44AD Kiln Details 44" X 22" 16" $6152
GL64ADTSD* GL64AD Kiln Details 64" X 22" 16" $6552

*Kilns that end in AD have elements in the lid only,
Kilns ending in ADTSD have elements in the top, sides, and door

Important Shipping Information about Kilns
(Shipping Estimates Will Not Be Correct)
  The shipping estimate for your order that you are quoted in check out will not reflect the actual
shipping total of the kiln - kilns are drop shipped separately from the manufacturer, so the shipping totals for all orders that include kilns need to be calculated by our customer service representatives.

You will be contacted by one of our customer service representatives once your order has been processed and your shipping total has been figured.

If the manufacturer has the kiln you've ordered in stock it will be shipped fairly soon. However,
please note that shipping may be delayed 2-5 weeks if the manufacturer does not have the kiln
in stock. This is especially true during the holiday season and other busy times of the year.

Click Here for Controllers
Digital and analog temperature controllers and pyrometers for your kiln


Click Here for Kiln Making Materials - Brick, fiber, Elements, etc. 

Kiln Shelves and furniture kiln shelves and furniture kiln shelf furniture  Click here for details

Great selection and variety of kilns for glass fusing and other uses like hot glass flame working, lamp working, bead making, pipe making, casting, crucibles, and even non-glass projects like ceramics, PMC clay, and enameling. Our kilns range from small sizes that can fit on your table to large sizes for bigger glass projects or for fusing multiple pieces in one firing. There are many options and variations to choose from like digital or analog temperature controllers for programming options, voltage options, door opening differences, pyrometers or temperature gauges, kiln accessories, and maintenance and repair information. Shipping available!

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