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Supplies and Decorative Accessory Items

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for Flame working, Lampworking & Glass Bead making


Goldstone Aventurine

Aventurine isn't perfectly compatible, although Effetre COE104 seems to tolerate it. Great for making stringers and decorating beads. Make a stringer out of a chunk or roll your molten bead across small pieces. The shape of each piece is different than our competitors. They have "chips" which are very different in shape than our more desirable nearly round pieces. We use a special technique to achieve this shape. The piles in the picture are about 1 Ounce. Available in 2 sizes.

Stringers can be made by picking up a piece, encasing it in clear, pull and
marver to desired length and diameter.

 Order#  Description  Quantity  Price
 9981001  Goldstone Dust (Not Pictured)
1/4 Pound $14

 99800  Goldstone Fine Powder #0 (Not Pictured)
No dust - dust is screened out
1 Ounce $8

 99810  Goldstone  Fine Powder #0 (Not Pictured)
No dust - dust is screened out
1/4 Pound $21

 99801  Goldstone Powder #1 1 Ounce $8

 99811  Goldstone  Powder #1 1/4 Pound $21

 99802  Goldstone Micro #2 1 Ounce $8

 99812  Goldstone Micro #2 1/4 Pound $21

 99803  Goldstone Tiny #3 1 Ounce $8

 99813  Goldstone Tiny #3 1/4 Pound $21

 99804  Goldstone Little #4 1 Ounce $8

 99814  Goldstone Little #4 1/4 Pound $21

 99805  Goldstone Small #5 1 Ounce $8

 99815  Goldstone Small #5 1/4 Pound $21

 99806  Goldstone Medium #6 1 Ounce $8

 99816  Goldstone Medium #6 1/4 Pound $21

 99807  Goldstone Large #7 1 Ounce $8

 99817  Goldstone Large #7 1/4 Pound $21

 99808  Goldstone Big #8 1 Ounce $8

 99818  Goldstone Big #8 1/4 Pound $21

 99809  Goldstone Chunk #9 (Not Pictured)
 Chunks are Larger than #8 Big
1 Ounce $8

 99819  Goldstone Chunk #9 (Not Pictured)
 Chunks are Larger than #8 Big
1/4 Pound $21

 99910  Bluestone Medium 1 Ounce $8

Temporary out of Stock

Aventurine Glass Aventurine Glass Aventurine Glass

Enamel Powders Moretti Glass COE104 thompson

Enamel Powders

Our enamel manufacturer is now making colored enamels that are compatible with Effetre (Moretti) Glass! COE 104 This is used to easily apply a thin coating of color or to add a tiny dot pattern to glass. To use, place powder on your work bench on a graphite marvering pad or in a small bowl. Roll or dip your glass into the powder. Put the glass back into the torch flame and melt into the glass surface. Surface can then be encased with a transparent glass for yet another effect. Each item is one ounce of powder

Order # Description Price
SAMPG Sample Pack - one of each color including the new transparent colors - 40 currently - more as new colors are made - 8-10 grams per color $55

  Order # Transparent Price
Thompson Enamel Gem Green #9434 9434 Gem Green $4

Thompson Enamel Glass Green #9436 9436 Glass Green $4

Thompson Enamel Beryl Green #9443 9443 Beryl Green $4

Thompson Enamel Turquoise #9444 9444 Turquoise $4

Thompson Enamel Aqua Blue #9452 9452 Aqua Blue $4

Thompson Enamel Water Blue #9453 9453 Water Blue $4

Thompson Enamel Bonnet Blue #9463 9463 Bonnet Blue $4

Thompson Enamel Nitric Blue #9466 9466 Nitric Blue $4

  Order # Opaque's Price
Thompson Enamel White #9010 9010 White $4

Thompson Enamel Yellow Beige #9105 9105 Yellow Beige $4

Thompson Enamel #9110 9110 Brown Beige $4

Thompson Enamel Dark Coffee #9180 9180 Dark Coffee $4

Thompson Enamel Goldenrod #9250 9250 Goldenrod $4

Temporary Out of Stock
Thompson Enamel Praseodymium Yellow #9260 9260 Praseodymium Yellow $4

Thompson Enamel Gray Greem #9320 9320 Gray Green $4

Thompson Enamel Apple Green #9330 9330 Apple Green $4

Thompson Enamel Moss Green #9350 9350 Moss Green $4

Thompson Enamel Gray Blue Green #9520 9520 Gray Blue Green $5

Thompson Enamel Blue Green #9530 9530 Blue Green $5

Thompson Enamel Aqua Marine #9550 9550 Aqua Marine $5

Thompson Enamel Baby Blue #9605 9605 Baby Blue $5

Thompson Enamel Medium Blue #9620 9620 Medium Blue $5

Thompson Enamel Oxford Blue #9650 9650 Oxford Blue $5

Thompson Enamel Brilliant Blue #9660 9660 Brilliant Blue $6

Thompson Enamel Light Petal Pink #9710 9710 Light Petal Pink $6

Thompson Enamel Dark Petal Pink #9720 9720 Dark Petal Pink $6

Thompson Enamel Flesh #9725 9725 Flesh $6

Thompson Enamel Pink Flesh #9730 9730 Pink Flesh $5

Thompson Enamel New Purple #9740 9740 New Purple $5

Thompson Enamel Light Orchid #9760 9760 Light Orchid $5

Thompson Enamel Dark Orchid #9780 9780 Dark Orchid $5

Thompson Enamel Dark Purple #9790 9790 Dark Purple $5

Thompson Enamel Peach #9810 9810 Peach $6

Thompson Enamel Melon Orange #9830 9830 Melon Orange $6

Thompson Enamel Orange Red #9835 9835 Orange Red $6

Thompson Enamel Bright Red #9840 9840 Bright Red $6

9850 Dark Red $6

Temporary Out Of Stock
Thompson Enamel Light Oxford #9920 9920 Light Oxford $4

Thompson Enamel Oxford Gray #9940 9940 Oxford Gray $4

Thompson Enamel Midnight Black #9990 9990 Midnight Black $4

glow glass Use Glow Powders with Glass Fusing!
 Click here for glow glass powders

gold, silver, palladium to mix with your molten glass Metal Leaf
Very thin squares of the real thing. Place small pieces
of this metal on your graphite marvering pad and roll your
bead across it to pick it up. Be careful, the direct flame
will melt away the metal. Cover the metal with dabs
of transparent glass. Don't be fooled with the commonly available inexpensive leaf that is only colored aluminum. Approximate Sheet Sizes are 3-3/8" to 3-3/4" Square.

Order # Item  # of sheets Price


 Copper Leaf (very thin) sheet size 5-1/2" sq.

25  $9.50



 Silver Leaf (very thin)

25  $19.50

16503  Heavy Silver Leaf (medium thickness) -a thin Foil* 25 $25.50

16501  Gold Leaf 22Kt Very Thin 25 $74

16522  Gold Leaf 23Kt Medium Thick** 10 $88

*Some of our competitors are selling this item as "FOIL"
**Average weight of 65g/1000 leaves

Gold and Silver Wire
for fuming glass

gold and silver wire for fuming glass
Nearly Pure Gold and Silver wire. Cut off a short piece and heat stick it to the molten end of a borosilicate (Pyrex) glass rod. Put the metal in the direct flame and get hot. The metal will slowly burn off and make "smoke". When you place glass in the "smoke" it will fume the glass. Use proper ventilation, never breath any type of metal fumes.

The silver will easily stick to the glass.

Pure gold (24 Ct. ) does not want to easily stick to the glass, so either
1) Put down a silver coating and then use the pure (24ct) on top of the silver coating OR
2) Use the less pure gold (22ct), the impurities will help the gold stick to the glass.

Each method will actually give you a slightly different effect.

Order # Metal Metal Wire
Minimum Order
Price Per Inch
WS16 Silver Wire   Metal type: Fine silver, .999
Hardness: Dead soft
Gauge/thickness: 16 ga.
Form: Wire
Dimensions: 0.051" (1.3mm)
Length per weight: 7.41 ft./ozt.
Weight per length: 0.135 ozt./ft.
Country of origin: United States
16 GA 4 Inches $19.00 for 4 inches

WG2222 Gold Wire

22 Ct.
Metal type: Gold
Karat/purity: 22K
Hardness: Dead soft
Gauge/thickness: 22 ga.
Form: Wire
Dimensions: 0.025 (0.64mm)
Weight per length: 1.13 dwt./ft.
Country of origin: United States
22 GA 1 inch $13.25 per inch

WG2224 Gold Wire

24 Ct.
Metal type: Gold
Karat/purity: 24K
Hardness: 1/4-hard
Gauge/thickness: 22 ga.
Form: Wire
Dimensions: 0.025" (0.64mm)
Weight per length: 1.23 dwt./ft.
Country of origin: United States
22 GA 1 inch $14.25 per inch


NOTE: Please keep in mind, due to the constantly fluctuating price of precious metals,
these prices are subject to immediate and sudden change.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil Lavender has been an all-time favorite home remedy among lampworkers and aroma therapists for minor burns. It can turn a burn into a mild, maybe slightly tender, red spot the next day. This essential oil promotes new cell growth, reduces inflammation, stops infection, and decreases pain. In general, stick to treating minor, first-degree burns at home, and leave the care of deeper or more extensive burns to a health care professional.

Follow the lavender treatment with agave.

Highest Quality Certified Organic


  Temporary Out Of Stock

Etching Cream to frost glass surface looks like glass has been sandblasted. Etching Cream

Simply dip or brush on this etching cream to frost the surface of the glass.
It will give a frosted matte surface finish.

Order # Description Price
ETCH3  Etching Cream - 3 oz. 7.95
ETCH10  Etching Cream - 10 oz. $15.99
ETCH22  Etching Cream - 22 oz. $23.95

Frit Bowl
frit bowl to make working with frit easy
Great little stainless steel bowl! Keep all your frit in one place. Easily roll the end of a molten glass rod in the lip for a nice even coating of frit without spreading it across your work space.

Order #  Description Put in Cart
6111 Frit Bowl

Volume Discount
Buy One Pay $8.00 Each
Buy Two Pay $7.20 Each
Buy Four Pay $6.40 Each
Buy Eight Pay $5.60 Each


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