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Sculptures, Ornaments, Paperweights, and Glass Beads Too!

Glass Pipes, Water Pipes, and Color Changing Glass Pipes

Using a Torch to Make Glass Pipes
Glass Pipes are for tobacco use only.


Equipment needed for blowing glass with a torch
Minimum equipment
for blowing glass with a torch
Recommended equipment
for blowing glass with a torch

Tools for all types of flameworking


Glasses Wholesale

Rods and Tubes, Powders,
Frits, Gold and Silver

Glass Wholesale


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Gas Equipment
Regulators, Concentrators,
Hose Sets, Gas Fittings
Gas Equipment Wholesale


For newcomers or upgraders

for Lampworkers, Glassblowers,
and Glass Beadmakers

Flameworking Beads, Sculptures, Functional Objects. Book working with glass in a flame.Books

Secrets to Making Glass PipesVideos and DVDs
Borostix GlassNEW Items! Northstar Glass RodSALE Items!


paper and blanket

Classes and Workshops

Instructors, Tobacco Shops and Wholesalers

If you want to mold glass in a torch flame this is the place to get your supplies to do so! We have a huge variety of tools specially made for high heat torches and kiln-working. We have a huge variety of glass, both hard and soft, glass tubes and rods, with all the best colors and sizes. Explore our selection of torches for both hard and soft glass, pre-mix and surface-mix, and our extensive torch tip varieties. We supply great decorations for your pipes, beads and sculptures like glass murrinis, frits, luster powders, gold leaf, silver foil, and dichroic glass and much more. You're mind will be inspired and your studio will be eager to be filled!

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