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Glass Paints


Add a personal touch to your glass art with paints, powders, enamel stainers, glass stainers and more! Reusche paints come in a great variety of options such as silver stains, transparent paints, blendable bending opaque colors, and lead-free and cadmium-free colors. We offer glass powders in a variety of colors that are compatible with Bullseye, soft glass, Moretti, Effetre, Lauscha, borosilicate. Luster powders add a great shiny sheen and sparkle! The limits to your creativity are expanded when you add shading and layers with glass powders and special details with paints and stainers.

That works with Moretti/ Effetre
COE 104 Glass

Reusche Paint
Brand Glass Paint
1200 Degree Low Fire
Bullseye Glass Frit
Bullseye Powders
COE 90 Glass
Glassline Paint Pens
Glassline Paints
Works on all COES

Fires at 1500 Deg
the art of painting on glass book

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