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Firefly kiln by Paragon

This kiln uses common available household electricity, 115 volts at 14 amps, 60 Hz. The cost of electricity to run this kiln for one hour at half power is approximately 9 cents.

Overall Height Outside Dimension Inside Height Floor area for fusing Volts and Amps
12" 14½" x 20½" 4-½" 8" x 8" 120 V - 14 Amp or 240 Volt
Digital Pyrometer (Reads Temperature) Included! Also Available for 240 Volts (Special Order - Call Us)
Description Our LOW Price
FireFly Kiln (Pyrometer Included)
See Below for Pyrometer Options
List Price:
Our Low Price:
Available for
Immediate Shipment
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FireFlyD Kiln with Digital Controller List Price:
Our Low Price:
Dropped shipped from the manufacturer,
1-3 weeks delivery. We will notify you with best shipping cost. or Call for shipping quote.

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FFWP Firefly Window
When Purchased with Kiln
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Accessory Kit for Fusing Includes a 7" by 7" Kiln Shelf, 4 Kiln Posts, Haik Brush, and 24 Oz Kiln Wash. When you fuse with this kiln, you remove the bead extension and fire in the heating element section which has an 8" by 8" floor.

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Digital Pyrometers - Reads Kiln Temperature

pyrometer temperature gauge for kilns pyrometer temperature gauge for kilns Pyrometer with standard thermocouple wire pictured on left.
Pyrometer with heavy duty thermocouple pictured on right.
Heavy duty thermocouple is a good thing although it does not have as fast of a response time which is usually not a big deal for us glass workers. Very accurate. These Digital Pyrometers are much more accurate than the above Analog PA1 pyrometers. It is important to set your kiln to the proper temperature for annealing!  Thermocouple wire included. Battery included. Do not let the thermocouple wire touch a live heating element wire.  Pyrometer includes a 36" long thermocouple.

Order# Description Our SALE Price
7770 Digital Pyrometer - Reads to 2000 Degrees F. - supplied with the Standard Thermocouple wire 2242T List Price:$59
Buy 1- $44
Buy 2 or more-$39.60
7771 Digital Pyrometer - Reads to 2000 Degrees F. - supplied with Ceramic covered heavy duty thermocouple wire that is rated to 2400 Deg F (remember the Pyrometer reads to only 2000 Deg F) List Price: $69
Buy 1-$54
Buy 2 or more-$48.60
2242T Replacement Thermocouple.  Good to 2000 Deg F. This will plug directly into many style pyrometers including the 7770 and 7771. The insulation at the end of the wire will normally burn away but will not affect performance. thermocouple-for-pyrometer-kiln-lampworking-fusing
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2244T Replacement Thermocouple. Ceramic covered heavy gauge wire. Good to 2400 Deg F. This will plug directly into many style pyrometers including the 7770 and 7771pyrometer thermocouple wire for measureing kiln temperature for fusing glassblowing and lampworking
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The tip of the thermocouple wire may eventually break. There are two wires in the thermocouple welded at the end. Carefully inspect to see if the two wires are disconnected.
If it is disconnected, either: Order a replacement thermocouple, or
if you have the ability and the equipment, weld the ends together with your torch.
It's a little tricky.

Important Shipping Information about Kilns (Shipping Estimates Will Not Be Correct)

The shipping estimate for your order that you are quoted in check out will not reflect the actual
shipping total of the kiln - kilns are drop shipped separately from the manufacturer, so the shipping totals for all orders that include kilns need to be calculated by our customer service representatives.

You will be contacted by one of our customer service representatives once your order has been processed and your shipping total has been figured.

If the manufacturer has the kiln you've ordered in stock it will be shipped fairly soon. However, please note that shipping may be delayed 2-5 weeks if the manufacturer does not have the kiln
in stock. This is especially true during the holiday season and other busy times of the year.

Firefly with Digital Controller by Paragon Click here to download the manual for the Controller Add the Optional Glass Window

Watch the bright red kiln interior through the optional 2” x 2” high-temperature glass window. This is especially convenient for glass fusing. Watch your glass treasures progress through every stage from tack fuse to full fuse. (Note: always wear firing safety glasses when viewing the kiln interior.)

*This Option is cheaper when added to the kiln upon order with kiln. If ordered later, it is considered a replacement part and is more expensive.

Only $40 when added to kiln at time of order! Firefly Glass Window by Paragon
Paragon Firefly Specifications and Features

The portable and convenient Paragon FireFly will give you unbridled freedom. It plugs in almost anywhere on a household 120 volt outlet. Take this kiln to seminars or on vacation.

You will never outgrow a small kiln. If you later buy a larger kiln, continue to use the small one for testing or small projects. Perfect a new design in the small kiln before running production quantities in the large kiln. A small test kiln is invaluable in solving ceramic glaze problems and perfecting difficult glazes such as crystalline.

The heat of the kiln is magical and offers wonderful surprises. Stained glass, enamels, and ceramic glazes undergo a complete transformation in the kiln. Opening a kiln to view your treasures is a festive moment that you will never outgrow. Artists have said, “Wahoo! Opening a kiln is a celebration!”

The firing results will thrill you. Create breathtaking glass bracelets and pendants in the 8" square x 4 1/2" high interior. Fire small glass casting molds and even drop molds. But you are not limited to glass. Fire porcelain or stoneware pendants and beads. Test glazes. The kiln has plenty of power to reach 2350 degrees° F.

The Paragon FireFly is an excellent choice for beginners. It fires rapidly. Yet you can slow it down with the infinite control switch. The pilot light glows brightly during firing.

Enjoy digital accuracy on a modest budget: Watch the kiln temperature on the hand-held, easy-to-read digital pyrometer, which is included at no extra charge. The pyrometer will help you determine the cooling rate of difficult glazes or know when to begin monitoring glass. It takes the guesswork out of firing.

The reliable hand-held pyrometer weighs only 5 ounces and measures in degrees °F up to 1999°F. (Please note: If you fire hotter than 1999°F, you will need a pyrometer that reads higher temperatures.) The liquid crystal display is easy to read even in bright daylight. Replace the Type-K thermocouple in seconds with a simple plug-in connection.

The Paragon FireFly is made of durable 2 ½" thick insulating firebrick, which stores heat for slow cooling and safe annealing of smaller glass projects. The solid 2 ½" thick firebrick top and bottom help seal in the heat.

To strengthen the firing chamber, the firebrick corners are fitted together with L-shaped notches. This type of joint lasts longer than the butted joint and the “picture frame” mitered joint found on competitive brands.

Dropped, recessed grooves protect the replaceable heating elements for longer life. Wires are fastened to the elements with heat-dissipating connectors refined and proven over many years in Paragon kilns. Rugged construction makes this kiln a little workhorse.

This kiln is built to last. Elements are coiled from the finest high-temperature wire available. They use heat-dissipating element connectors refined and proven over many years in Paragon kilns.

The hinged lid is self-adjusting to compensate for expansion at high temperatures. The hinge includes a stop that holds the lid open and out of the way. Lift the lid with a handle on the front or a separate handle on the side.

A built-in 3" tall steel base with mar-proof rubber feet covers the entire firebrick bottom. Place the kiln directly onto a heat-resistant work surface. No extra stand is needed.

A stainless steel heat shield inside the switch box protects wiring from contact with the case. Costly nickel-plated copper wiring is covered with high temperature glass-braided insulation. Louvers on the top, side, and bottom of the switch box circulate air for the long life of the electrical components while keeping dust inside the box to a minimum.

  • Click here to down load instructions on how to use this kiln for:
    • Glass Fusing and Slumping
    • Silver and Gold Clay
    • Enameling on Metal
    • Ceramic Over Glaze
    • Lost Wax Burnout
Shipping Disclaimer

We require that the shipping costs for all orders including kilns be calculated by our customer service representatives; the shipping that you are quoted in check out may not necessarily reflect the actual shipping cost of the kiln, as kilns must be shipped separately. You will be contacted by one of our customer service representatives once your order has been processed and your shipping costs have been calculated accurately.


Kiln Type Top Loading Square
Sides 4
Understanding Chamber Measurements
Chamber Volume 0.16 CU.FT.
4.53 litres
Chamber Length 8.00 IN
203 mm
Chamber Width 8.00 IN
203 mm
Chamber Depth 4.50 IN
114 mm
Max. Temperature 2350°F
Amps 13
Phase 1
Watts 1560
Nema 5-15R
Breaker Size 20
Circuit Wire Size 12 gauge
TUV tested to CSA and UL Standard 499 Y
IMPORTANT: Some areas such as Canada and Europe require a lid or door safety switch on kilns.
Voltage 120
Hertz 60
The Outer Size of the Kiln and the Shipping Size:
  • Width = Left to Right;
  • Depth = Front to Back;
  • Height = Top to Bottom
Outer Size 15.00W x 18.50D x 12.00H Inches
381W x 470D x 305H mm
Ship Size 25.00W x 18.00D x 18.00H Inches
635W x 457D x 457H mm
Ship Weight 45.00 Lbs.
20.41 Kg.
Ship Method & Notations This Kiln Ships Via UPS

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