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Glass Fusing and Slumping Classes and Workshops

Fusing and Slumping - an intense full featured class

glass art piece that can be made by taking our studio classesClass Number 1101 This is a beginners workshop but not one of those "cookie making" fusing class where you lay up a few pieces of glass (cutting and arranging) and someone fires it for you. This workshop is a serious beginning workshop geared toward more technical information such as compatibility and stress testing, annealing, firing procedures, troubleshooting, fusing AND slumping, small to large pieces and MULTIPLE pieces, how to have more success with each firing, using small and large kilns and controllers, etc.  to sign up call us at 1-800-9HOTGLASS.

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In Paradise, California UPCOMING WORKSHOPS:
  • To Be Scheduled - with Brian Helgerson - $379 three day class - Click Here for many details. To sign up or questions call us at 1-800-9HOTGLASS

wire wrapping glass jewelry class

Jewelry Wire Wrapping Class and Workshop

Create your own elegant necklaces and earrings with wire only or with beads and fused glass. Our instructor Linda Barton will teach you how to take "crafty" to a whole new level. You will leave with all the knowledge to go on and use these techniques in hundreds of different variations.  Class is two days March 31st and April 1st. From 10am-2pm. Sign up with a friend and you both can take a 15% discount on the class price. Tools will be available in class.
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To Be Scheduled - $150
jewelry wire wrapping class


  Intermediate Glass Fusing Class

    #1102 Click here for many details
  • To Be Scheduled


    (#1102)  - with Brian Helgerson
  •     $465 two day class
  •     Click Here for many details
  •     To sign up or questions call us at 1-800-9HOTGLASS

fusing jewelry with dichroic glass

Fusing Jewelry with Dichroic Glass and More

  • To Be Scheduled - Sat and Sunday - $255
  • Click Here for many details
  • To sign up or questions call us at 1-800-9HOTGLASS

display stand that can be made in our studio classes display stand that can be made in our studio classes

Class Making Metal Display Stands for Fusing

#1109 - For fused, cast, etched and stained glass projects. In this unique workshop, work with metal; cutting, welding, grinding and finishing to make metal sculptures or metal display stands. Click here for lots more details. with Brian Helgerson 3 day, Friday 3 to 8pm, Plus All Day Saturday and Sunday Workshop

  • - with Brian Helgerson -
  • September 6 & 7 $365 two day class - Click Here for many details
  • To sign up or questions call us at 1-800-9HOTGLASS

sandblasting on glass workshopSandblasting on Glass Workshop

This class is directed toward sandblasting as a special design technique for fused and slumped glass. Click Here for lots of details. Tuition $550

glass art studio spaceClick Here to see pictures of our great teaching studio in Paradise, California!

glass art studio space classroom


Beginning Fusing


glass fusing art project that can be made in our workshops Come explore the basics of glass fusing in this fun filled one day Saturday Workshop. We take colored glass, cut it into shapes and fuse the individual cut pieces pieces into one piece using a kiln. Make a tile, jewelry pendant and one other project. Explore the variety of colors available to the glass fuser. Take advantage of our world class teaching studio and an instructor with 35 years experience. $70 - Materials Included Workshop! - one day Saturday from 10 to 3:30 with lunch. Sign up with a friend and both of you can take a 15% discount.

  • To Be Scheduled - a one day Saturday Class - with Brian Helgerson - $70 - 10 to 3:30

Take a class or workshop in our fully equipped glass art studio with experienced and expert hot-glass instructors. Learn about working with glass in a kiln. Learn tips for troubleshooting, details about what it means for glass to be compatible, how to perform tests for glass stress and tension, creating successful kiln firings, all about kiln controllers and pyrometers and how to use a kiln. In our classes you'll learn useful information about the details of slumping with molds and/or fusing glass together and you'll be learning techniques while making your own projects which means you get to come home with your own glass fused and/or slumped art! You can learn techniques about raking, layering, annealing, sandblasting, torch-working with glass, making stringers, iridizing your glass, making latticinos, working with dichroic and frits, how to melt metal with glass, tips on jewelry making, how to use a glory hole and crucibles, casting, making your own kiln molds, practical design ideas when working with glass, and more! Classes are held at our beautifully renovated fully equipped studio in the serene forested town of Paradise just 20 minutes from the popular city of Chico, California.

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Beadmaking with Torch Sculpture with Torch Fusing

  • Our Main Store - 6052 Foster Road, Paradise, CA 95969
  • Our Teaching Studio in Paradise - 1010 Bille Road, Paradise CA 95969

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