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Fused and Slumped Glass

Mask Display Stands

For Masks or similar items or whatever.

fused glass display stand masksfused glass display stand masks

Item #90689; $125

This stand is customizable to suit your needs.

We can:
1) Customize the side clips depending on width of your mask.
2: Make the chin bend either shallow, medium or sharp (sharp is in picture)
3: Customize base design (only if you really need a special design - nothing too intricate, please)

Contact Brian the owner about this item.
Good idea to send a paper outline of the mask and a drawing of your
design for base, although the spiral looks pretty good.

We are currently developing an adjustable stand.

fused-glass-project-stand fused-glass-display-stand fused-glass-display-stands fused glass display stand masks
fused glass display stands for the garden fused glass wall display stand fused glass display stand drop through fused glass display stand
Garden Wall

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Display Stands and lots more
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Display stands to show off your art piece! All of our stands are master designed and made to last with contemporary design motifs. Support heavy fused glass pieces or any other medium such as wood, clay, ceramic, bronze or other heavy to light metal art pieces. Several unique designs to support a variety of shapes circular to rectangular and square. Many art projects look amazing propped up instead of flat on a table. Take advantage of displaying your piece to add that final professional touch.

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