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Refractory Material and Mold Mixes

refractory material casting mould mixesThe below powder materials are used for Casting Glass, Bronze, metals and other materials, for making furnaces for glass blowing and other applications.

To learn how to use these materials we recommend buying a book. There are two excellent books on glass casting, "Glass Casting and Moldmaking" and "Pate de Verre and Kiln Casting of Glass". Click here for the books.

castabl refractory mould mixtureMold Mix

A Castable Refractory mix developed specifically for glass slumping and casting.
 Brand  10 Pound Bag  25 Pound Bag
 SunTech Mold Mix  $18

Ten pounds of the dry powder is about 250 cubic inches.

Cast Glass ArtTo see Examples of Cast Glass Art Projects made using SunTech Mold Mix
Click Here

Two Brands:
  1. Notice: this process is very complicated and the below instructions are a simple guideline.
  2. Always wear a respirator when working with any refractory product even though this product does not contain asbestos.
  3. Determine the volume of MOLD material needed approximate 60% material 40% water by volume.
  4. Have your master mold totally prepared with mold release applied.
  5. Add mold mix to water and mix to desired consistency by hand for small molds. For larger molds, use a drill and mixer. The total working time is approximately 10 to 12 minutes. Longer working times can be obtained by using slightly more water to create a looser mixture.
  6. After pouring, vibrate out trapped air or poke the liquid with a small stick all over, but gentle so as not to damage the master mold.
  7. Set-up time is 20 to 30 minutes (or longer). Remove master mold.
  8. Dry completely before putting in mold in kiln
    • It is important to completely dry before using
    • Crack lid ½"
    • Ramp mold to 200° F (water turns to steam at 212° F - so we are drying just below this temperature)
    • Soak (Hold Temp) for 2 hours
    • Turn off kiln and let cool naturally
    • Add your glass
    • Crack lid ½"
    • Ramp up 400° per hour to 1000° F
    • Soak (Hold Temp) for 2 hours
    • Close Lid
    • Continue to heat to the temperature you will fire your glass to.
    • When done, cool very slowly to prevent thermo shocking.
  9. The finished mold can be reworked if you have changes, use files, drills, scrapers, etc.
  10. The less you handle the finished mold the longer it will last. Always place large molds on a kiln shelf and move it resting on the shelf.

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