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Offhand Glassblowing

Glassblowing Equipment by Sundance Art Glass

The Equipment you would need to set up a small Glass Blowing Studio

Glass Blowing Tools and Equipment

  • Didymium Safety Glasses - Details and Prices
  • Punty - Two Blow Pipes - Details and Prices
  • Cross Cut Shears
  • Gloves - Details and Prices
  • Graphite and Cherrywood Marble Molds -
  • Details and Prices
  • Cherrywood Blocks - Details and Prices
  • Cherrywood Paddles - Details and Prices
  • Graphite Plate - Details and Prices
  • Graphite Grooved Plate - Details and Prices
  • Pipe Rest
  • Bench #15279
  • Click Here for Picture
  • Crucible - Details and Prices
  • Books and DVD's on Glassblowing - Details and Prices

  • Major Equipment
  • Glassblowing Propane or Natural Gas Crucible Furnace
  • Glassblowing Electric Crucible Kiln
  • Extra liner for Furnace and Extra layer of base bricks.
  • Annealing Kiln - Details and Prices
  • Pyrometer for annealing kiln - Detail and Prices
  • Glory Hole, regulator and hose - Details and Prices

    Glass - not included with kit - choose type of glass

  • COE 104 - Moretti Effetre Glass and cullet - Details and Prices
  • COE 90 - Bullseye Glass and cullet - Details and Prices
  • Goldstone, gold, and other elements - Details and Prices

  • Click here to see an enlarged picture

    7" Glory Hole - door shown in picture not included and not needed.

    Blowing a Christmas Ornament

    Equipment Details and Prices
    Gas crucible furnace 4-1/2" $750
    Glory Hole 7" x 12" $550
    Annealing Kiln 120 Volts 14" by 9" deep $550
    Pyrometer   $69
    Bench   $69
    Gloves 14" $57
    Blow Pipe 1400mm x 20mm $145
    Blow Pipe 1400mm x 20mm $145
    Punty 48"  $39
    Punty 48"  $39
    Crucible 14 pound $79
    Shears - Combination   $165
    Tongs - Pick up - blunt end   $29
    Blocks - 2" Graphite   $30
    Blocks 3" Cherrywood   $36
    Blocks 4" Cherrywood   $46
    Marvering plate - steel #612 6" x 12" by 3/8" thick  $25

    Above is not a kit - Pick and Choose and Upgrade the equipment you need. If you choose the items above the total is about $3000.

    Equipment upgrades available: example:
    Larger Annealing Kiln or Larger Glory Hole or larger Crucibles, etc... more blow pipes more kinds of jacks

    Optional Items For Glory Hole
    Regulator for Glory Hole if propane gas is used $65
    Hose for Glory Hole if propane is used $22
    Front Tray System for Glory Hole $100
    Propane reducer for Glory Hole if propane is used $28
    Boxing of Glory Hole if Shipped $18

    Optional Items for Furnace
    Regulator for Furnace if propane is used.* $59
    Hose for Furnace if propane is used $22
    Propane Reducer for Furnace if propane is used $28
    If Shipped - Furnace needs to be shipped by Truck - Palletizing Charge $20

    One regulator can be used to run both the furnace and glory hole. Order a Gas Y connector for $12. You will not have as much pressure control because both will be using one regulator. Also the propane tank wants to freeze up even more by running both devices off the same regulator. Placing the propane tank in a pan of water helps keep the propane tank from freezing.

    Examples of shipping costs:

    Large Glory Hole + Glass sent to Prescott, AZ - $150

    Large Glory Hole + Furnace + Tools sent to New Hampshire - $240
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