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Glassblowing with a Glory Hole
or with a Torch

Shaping molten glass with a mold. Glassblowing with a Glory Hole.
Heating the glass in Glassblowing with a Glory Hole

Offhand Glassblowing

Working with molten glass on a torch to make pipes, ornaments, sculptures, marbles, and more!
Blow glass on a torch to create glass art sculptures, ornaments, pipes, and more.
If you want to Blow glass using a torch
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shaping tools
100 tools
Specialized tools for beadmakers and buttonmakers
Bead making
Special Pliers, Squashers, and Tweezers  for all flameworkers and lampworkers.

marble tools
lampworking glass beadmaking torch
lampworking glassblowing work surface
Work Surface

Working with molten glass in an offhand glassblowing demonstration.

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Beadmaking with Torch Sculpture with Torch Fusing

Tools of the Trade

Colorful glass marbles and sculptures.

You can make glass goblets, and glass vases too!

Classes and Workshops Create beautiful and unique glass vases!  Glassblowing workshops.

Our classroom and workshop area has the most complete setup available. All equipment and tools are included. All glass is included in the Glass Blowing Workshop. Most of our students are from out of town. There are nice affordable accommodations close by.
Make glass goblets and vases too!Third day student project

Equipment and supplies for glassblowing with a glory hole or furnace. We have multiple sized crucibles for glass blowing furnaces, glory holes, gas and electric kilns, lots of glass, safety equipment, and all kinds of tools to supply your glass blowing studio.

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